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Many of the items listed here were often found in the catalogs of gambling supply catalogs, available through the early 1960's, until Robert Kennedy and the Kefauver Commission put them out of business. These products are offered only as collectibles
and for amusement and expose purposes only.

Many of the items shown here are still in use by sharps and crooked gamblers, so remember that "forewarned is forearmed".  Also remember that "A little knowledge
is dangerous". I've spoken to many hustlers over the years who delighted in telling stories of how they outfoxed amateurs who tried to cheat them in their own games
using gaffed equipment.

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5/8 white drugstore floats, a very rare type of loaded dice. Material is taken out of the dice instead of weight being put in. As a result, the dice actually float in water. See the photo - the regular die sinks, and the float does not - and the old gambling catalog ad. These dice are available as missers - Ace and 6-2 (show 3 and 7), and passers - 3-5, 3-5 (show 6,8,10) $150 pair



You can easily determine if dice are loaded by using this tool. Fair dice will spin evenly, weight will wobble. See scan from old gambling catalog. The caliper base measures 2 1/2 inches X 1 1/4 tall. The tool will work on all dice from 1/4 inch to .775 inch except for European style ball corner cubes. $42 each, dice not included.


Loaded Dice with Bevel Work 2-4-6 Passers - A pair of 3/4 inch green transparent high polish "perfects", with 2-4-6 loads, making the even points 4,6,8,10, and one crap - the 12. The cubes have beautiful, nearly undetectable bevel work, which increases the action on the loaded numbers. The dice have a Nevada casino logo on the 1 spot, and were made by the late legendary Junior H., arguably the best dice maker of his time. Hustlers always agreed that "Junior's dice got the money". This is, hands down, the finest weight work we have ever seen. The dice are in mint condition, and include a matching pair of fairs. $200 the set.

LOADED DICE - BANKING OR FADING SET - See ad from 1960 gambling catalog. Available in solid 5/8 inch red and green, with matching fairs. $80 a set.

THREE DICE COMBINATION - This is a 5 dice set - 3 loaded dice and a pair of matching fairs - available in solid 5/8 inch red and green. As you can see in the scan from an old crooked gambling supply house catalog, by using the two dice loaded for 3-5, the dice will act as "passers", making the points 6,8,10. If you switch out or "exchange" the 2-4 for one of the loaded 3-5's, the dice will act as "missers", and crap out more often than normal. $120 a set.


Amalgam Work -

We have a small quantity of 5/8 inch white "filled" drug store dice. These dice have an amalgam load instead of the slugs used in most loaded dice. As a result, these dice are not as strong as other loaded dice we carry. See the KC Card Co. advertisement for this style of weighted dice.

We have these cubes only in white 5/8 drugstore in the following weights:

dead ace (DA)                             2-6

dead 2 (D2)                                 3-5

A-5                                               A-3-5

2-4(with secret mark)                  3-5-6

Here are some popular combinations you can make with these cubes:

MISSING                                  PASSING

DA, 2-6                                         2-6, 2-4

D2, A-5                                         3-5, 3-5

D2, 1-3-5                                      3-5, 3-5-6

3-5, 2-4

Make up your own combinations. 

                                             $25 per cube

We also have some preloaded amalgam blank cubes for 1, 2, and 3 number loads. These cubes are not spotted. Examples of preloaded dice have never been released before.                                $25 per cube


CASINO SHAPES - Pair of 3/4 inch "perfects" (so called because they are normally perfectly square) with a Las Vegas casino logo. These types of gaffed dice are variously called "shapes", "bricks", or "flats", because they are not perfectly square. 30 thousandths of an inch has been taken off on side of the die, so that the surface areas of the 6 & 1 side are larger than the other sides.

With this gaff, over time, the numbers 2, 7, & 12 will come up more often than the other #s, and cause the shooter to crap out. These dice are known as 6 - ace flats. Our choice of casino logo, $45 pair


CASINO TOPS - Pair of 3/4 inch "perfect" dice with a Las Vegas casino logo. They're called tops because they have the same #s on the tops & bottoms of the die; this pair has numbers 2 4 6 (See mirror in photo). As a result, only the numbers 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 can be rolled. Our choice of casino logo, combinations are 145, 246, 236. $45 pair

Tops with no logo, $35 pair

DRUGSTORE TOPS - 19/32 inch (just under 5/8 inch) transparent red. 3 tops and a pair of fairs. Old ad explains it all. $30 a set.


BEVELED SHAPES - We have 6-1 "missing" beveled shapes in 5/8 inch white, white Bicycle (shown in photo), green and yellow. See the old gambling supply company ads for a description of this type of dice. Much of the bevel work done on dice was very bad, and very obvious, so every company claimed their work was the best, and not like the "old style". Dice are 25 thousandths off and have the best bevel work we've ever seen.  Missing shapes are slightly wider on the 6 and 1 sides, so over time, the numbers 2, 7, & 12 will come up more often than other numbers, and "crap out" The bevel on 4 sides of the dice makes them slightly convex, so they tend to roll off the beveled sides and increase the action on the 1 and 6 sides. We also have a few pairs of 4-3, 5-2 "passing" shapes, which favor the numbers 5,6,8,9.$35 a pair



1/2 inch solid red drugstore loaded dice 2-6, 2-6, rolls 4,8,12, no fairs                              $25 pair

1/2 inch solid white drugstore loaded dice A-2, A-2, rolls 2,3,4 no fairs.                                $25 pair

1/2 inch red transparent drugstore beveled loads 4-5-6, 2-3, 2-4-6                                      $45 a cube

1/2 inch red transparent drugstore loads 4-5-6, 4-5-6, 2-4-6                                               $40 a cube

1/2 inch green transparent razor edge concave spot 6-A flats 40 off with matching fairs        $35 the set

1/2 inch green transparent drugstore beveled loads 1-4-5, 1-4-5, 1-4-5                               $45 a cube

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