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LOADED BACKGAMMON/BARBOUT DICE 15 mm 5/8 inch transparent ball corner dice traditionally used for backgammon or barbout. Dice are loaded for 5-6 or 1-2 A pair of 5-6 loads will come up 10-11-12, and a pair of 1-2 loads will show 2-3-4. All the loads bear a secret mark, so you know when they are in play. Available in red, green, and violet. Loads are medium strength. The high numbers are great backgammon rolls; having the opponent roll the low #'s can cause them to lose. $140 a pair, matching fairs $5 a pair



Double number dice, also called 1 way tops, are a little known, and closely guarded secret type of crooked dice. They are almost impossible to detect in play, since 5 of the 6 sides of the dice are normally spotted; one side having a duplicate number on it. Unlike "regular" misspotted dice, which have to be regularly switched in and out of a game, double number dice were left in for long periods, and could even be given to "suckers" to roll, because they are so difficult to detect. The double number has a strong effect on the odds in a game of craps. The house or a fader has a 1.41% edge using fair dice. We have the following double number combinations and list their advantage to either the shooter or the house. The double number cubes are 3/4 inch red & green perfects with birdeye spots.

Double 1  House advantage 5.64% (available in red & green)

Double 2  Shooter advantage .49% (available in red only)

Double 5  Shooter advantage 22.70% (available in red & green)

Double 6  Shooter advantage 6.15% (available in red only)

1 Double 1 & 1 Double 2 House advantage 10.06% (available in red only)

Dice are in mint condition and will be sent enclosed in the type of silver paper that "custom" dice were wrapped in by the old gambling supply houses.

$38 pair


KELLY POOL PILLS - Kelly pool is a type of billiards which uses a shaker and round numbered balls called pills to determine the order in which players shoot pool or the ball they have to sink to win the game. This deal comes with a leather shaker, 2 sets of matched pills, numbered 1 to 16, one set gaffed and the other fair, and a gaffadaffis to control the pills.

By mixing and matching the fair and gaffed pills, you can make the desired numbers come out of the shaker, or stay in. This gaff was also popular in bars as a betting lottery, where each of the players would put up money, and the person who drew the highest or lowest number would win the pot. $250


SLUG LOADS - We have some slugs used to load 5/8 inch drug store dice. Very unusual to see these - slugs simply do not appear on the open market - they are quickly snapped up by other dice makers when an existing dice maker passes on or goes out of business. We were able to obtain a small quantity of these and are offering them at  $1 per slug.


RED GAFFED TOPS - Gaffed gambling top in Put & Take and Hi-Lo styles. This type of top was advertised in all of the old crooked gambling catalogs, as far back as 1900, and generally come in a set of three- Left, Right, and Center. The left & right were used against left & right handed people, & the center is a fair top.

To play hi-lo, gamblers would each put up 20 coins, and take turns spinning the top. The number you spun was how many coins (it works just as well with dollars) you took out of the pot. For put & take, if the top landed on a side with a T, you won the # of coins shown, from the pot. If a P side showed, you put that many coins into the pot. If the top landed on a star, you won the entire pot; if on the 0, you had to match the pot.

The gaff works about 85% of the time. Tops measure approx. 1 1/2 x 3/4 inches and are made out of plastic. Read Gambling Scams by Ortiz for a classic scam using all three tops.

Complete set of three tops $120. Left or Right $55, Center $20 Available in Put & Take style (see photo) and Hi Low.


ROLLING LOG - The rolling log is a gambling item that dates back to the turn of the century. The log is rolled down a slight incline or across a flat surface. The # of spots appearing on the topmost side was your roll.

Players would play for highest or lowest total. Gaffed logs like this were called "educated" - because you could teach them what to do, and were a staple of the crooked gambling catalogs. The device measures 1 7/8 x 5/8 inches and is red with white and blue spots on the eight sides.

The gaff works about 85% of the time and you can roll high or low at will. $75


SPINNING NICKLES - A set of two US nickels, one of which will spin only heads, and the other only tails. The coins can be examined, and are not double sided. These were used widely in scams in the 1930's. Our stock has been made from modern coins. $6.00 set

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