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DOUBLE HEADED/DOUBLE TAILED QUARTERS - An old classic that needs no explanation. Coins are made from modern quarters, and the quality is excellent. Mirror
(in photo) shows double tailed set.

Double headed $8.50

Double tailed $8.50

$16 for the pair


CHINESE DICE BOX - Ad below as it appeared in an old gambling catalog. This model is plastic and works just as well. You can roll any number you want. Complete instructions included. $5.00



This is a dice shaker with a pair of 3/8 inch white razor edge dice sealed inside, cleverly gaffed so the cheater can make the dice roll high, low, or completely random, without any touching, switching, or manipulation. The shaker is a glass dome sealed onto a wooden base, and measures 4 inches tall by 2 7/8 wide at the base, and will stand the closest examination. The dice are both "juiced" for the numbers 5-6, which will roll high (10-11-12), and 1-2, making the very same dice roll low (2-3-4). The special gaff that controls the dice is not shown, but is small and easily concealed. Instructions included. included. $300



TAPPING DICE - This is a pair of tap dice that were probably a salesman's sample or demo, as these dice were made for sale in opaque colors only.

As the ad from a 1932 crooked gambling supply house catalog describes, the dice have a shifting load. When the load stays in the center of the die, it rolls normally. When the dice are tapped (banged) on a hard surface, the load shifts and the dice will come up on the loaded numbers about 80% of the time. These dice appealed to crooked gamblers as you could turn the gaff on or off as you needed it.

The photos show the loads in the fair position and in the gaffed position. Tappers were originally filled with mercury, which presented some problems, so the gambling supply houses came out with these mechanical versions.

This pair consist of a one way tapper (right die) and a 2 way tapper (left die) The right die is a "dead deuce" and will roll a two, while the left die will roll a 2 or a 6, which makes these "passers", that come 4 & 8. Tappers have been mentioned in every expose of crooked dice in the last hundred years, but are seldom seen, and transparent ones are almost unheard of.

An extremely rare collectible. Dice are 5/8 inch and are in very good condition. $950 for the pair.


MARKED CARDS - Available in red only. All decks come sealed, along with a sheet showing the locations of the markings.

See scans from KC Card CO catalog.

Bicycle Rider Back - Scroll work in upper left corner. $35.

Click here to enlarge.


BICYCLE BEES - Points. Marked on right side of card. G in scan. $35

Humps. Enlarged red diamond. Mark is on left side of card. A in scan $35

Note: You need good eyesight to read the Bee decks.

Click here to enlarge.



SHADING DAUB - Daub is a semi-hard paste used to mark cards while in play by shading the backs. This is "metallic" daub used by pros, as it would work on any of the various colored backs. It leaves a delicate silvery blur on the cards. Supplied in a metal tin the diameter of a quarter. Per tin $25


SHINER - A nickel with a reflector surface on the head side. It was laid on the table among other change, and allowed one to read cards as they were dealt. Opposite side of the shiner shown also. $5.00



LUMINOUS INK - Ad from gambling supply house exaggerates a bit, but you get the idea of how it works. We sell the ink only, with complete instructions - no brush or glasses. Our ink is extremely concentrated, and is good for many decks. $35


CHECK COP - Put on the bottoms of ones fingers and top part of the palm. When a round of cards was over, the hustler helps push the pile of chips in the pot over to the winner. A chip or two will stick to the cop and can be stolen out of the pot. Superior formulation leaves no telltale giveaway shine on the hands, is not uncomfortable, and rinses off easily after use.
See ad from old gambling catalog. 
$25 tin


CIGAR/CIGARETTE SHINER - Shiner inserted into a cigar or cigarette. Cards can be read while holding cigar and dealing. Shiner is 5/16 inch wide. $25

Click here to enlarge.


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