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GRAHAM DICE EDGER - This is a rare, signed dice making tool called a dice edger. It was used to make various types of crooked dice called whip dice and edge work. Standard dice work like turned and feather edges were also made with this device. This tool was made by Graham, a legendary Chicago gaffed gambling equipment maker who made a number of holdouts, card trimmers, dice making tools, and other "advantage" equipment that were listed in crooked gambling catalogs from the 1930's to the 1960's. Graham took great pride in his "work", and stamped his equipment with his personal mark. This edger bears Graham's stamp. The edger weighs 4 lbs, and measures 7 5/8 x 9 x 2 5/8 inches. The distance from the cutting blade to the dice cube is regulated by an adjustable knob that the dice guide rests on. The edger is made out of steel, and has a parkerized finish. The edger is in excellent condition, with some minor rust in the holes where the tool would be mounted to a bench, and where the base meets the mountings. This in no way affects the tool and could easily be removed. A die is shown on the edger in position to be worked on, but is not included. This is a very rare piece of gambling history. $1450


CARD PUNCH - The Card Punch, or Pegger, is a rarely seen, secret tool of crooked gamblers, used to mark cards with a tiny punch, which can be felt, but not seen. The punch is just over 2 inches long, and is made of brass. The height of the "blister" made on the card can easily be adjusted by the set screw. Instructions included. $35



MAGNETIC DICE TABLE - Electronic magnetic dice table, aka a Juice Joint. This table was designed to be used for backgammon or barbout. The table measures approximately 29 1/4 inches square and 30 1/2 inches tall. The magnetic field measures approximately 15 x 23 inches and is in the center of the table.

The electromagnet is concealed inside a solid mahogany game table, which might be found in
any gentleman's drawing room. In practice, a backgammon set or gambling layout would be put on the table with players rolling the dice in the center of the table
over the mag field.

The "juice" is turned on by a wireless, easily concealable, remote control, which also switches the polarity for 2 way dice, as well as a toe switch for hands free operation. The unit is powered by a nicad power pack, and recharged through a concealed area in the base of the table. A battery charger is included.

There is a concealed on off switch in the table to conserve battery power. The table also includes a pair of ball cornered transparent magnetic backgammon dice (2 way, 5-6 which will roll 10-11-12 or 2-3-4 when the juice is turned on). The table will work with virtually any backgammon set made. The battery pack is brand new, and the condition is excellent- a minor nick or two on the leg.

Battery charger and remotes are not shown in the photo. A very rare collectible, custom made for an old "advantage" backgammon player. This item is shipped by air-freight collect to protect the electronics.

Shipping weight of the table is 120 lbs. $7000



No Photo

High-Low Cut Cards - You can cut a high (10,J,Q,K,A) or low (2,3,4,5) card any time you want to with this deck. Easy to do with our simple instructions. Available in red or blue back Bee decks. Decks are new and unused, but are not sealed. This is not a stripper deck. $30


Tricolor Precision Dice - Tri Color dice are an unusual type of precision dice in use through the 1960's, and were the preferred style of dice used for hooligan and the 26 game. The dice are razor edged opaques, and made out of a dense plastic material that looks like ivory. They are called Tri color because the flush spots on the dice are black for the 6 & 1, blue for the 4 & 3, and red for the 5 & 2. In addition, the spots on different pairs of dice had different diameters or widths. This made it more difficult for cheats to copy and make matching crooked dice, so Tri color dice were often used in big money games. These dice were part of a dice hustlers traveling inventory, and are over 40 years old with a nice patina, reflecting their age.  We have a very limited supply of them in Tops (misspotted dice), and Weight (loaded dice) in 11/16 and 5/8 inch sizes. The weight is medium to heavy, and the style and colors of the dice are eye catching and unusual, making them ideal for a collection or for gambling demonstrations. Pictures show a 5/8 Top and an 11/16 weight.

11/16 Weight:  A-2   A-2 with rev2     A-4

                           2-3        2-6           Dead A                                 Dead 2        Dead 3

11/16 Tops:    1-4-5    2-3-6       2-4-6    4-5-6

5/8 Weight:      1-2-3    2-3        6-2

5/8 Tops:         1-3-5    2-3-6     2-4-6    3-5-6

Weight: $45 a cube, $90 a pair

Tops: $15 a cube, $30 a pair

Buy 3 pair of tri colors at one time, and get a free pair of tri color fairs.                   


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