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Lot includes 3 push cards- 2 straight # cards (40 & 60 hole) & one 60 hole skip # card. These cards were used to award merchandise, which the operator listed on the card. All cards unpunched & in excellent condition.

We have some quantities of the push cards - inquire!









This rare item is an uncut sheet of punchboard tickets. The sheet has been folded in the picture to show both the front, with the ticket #s, and the back, with the serial #s. The sheet has 160 tickets in columns of 16 on it. In production, the sheets were cut height wise into strips, and run through the crimper, which puts the pleat or accordion fold into the tickets. The pleated strips were called "straws", and were inserted into stacks of boards (16 high with this sheet). When all the holes of the stacked boards were filled, the tickets were cut by a band saw, & the top & bottom layers of the punchboard were attached. If you look closely at the picture you can see different serial #s height wise, but they are the same #s lengthwise. The sheet measures 10 1/8 x 17 inches, and is slightly wrinkled, but would frame up nicely.



$1 - 480 hole Tommy The Great board with tip style tickets (2 numbers on the ticket, i.e. 101-106) shows weightlifter in a Tarzan style outfit. Board measures 6 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches & is 1 inch thick. Tommy is our company logo. He is in mint unpunched condition and has original operators payout slip.

(Yes, we have no shame, even our company spokesman is for sale)





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